A curriculum of twenty-one classes to get you started


As a fellow of the Startup Leadership Program, you'll join with thirty other high-potential, early-stage entrepreneurs in New York City to develop a foundation of startup knowledge through a twenty-one class curriculum. In doing so, you'll leave the program as a better-prepared founder with a foothold to grow your startup network. Fifteen hundred startups have completed SLP across our chapters in twenty-three cities around the globe. Combined, those startups have raised more than $550M.


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What is SLP?

Startup Leadership Program (SLP) is a no-equity accelerator focused on developing early stage entrepreneurs. More than 2,500 founders completed SLP and have raised over $600M collectively.

During our 6 month curriculum, entrepreneurs learn some of the key fundamentals about starting and growing a company, negotiating a term sheet, developing a marketing strategy, and many other technical and non-technical aspects of leadership.

The classes are conducted by fellows and feature some of the most prominent people in the NYC startup scene.