Curriculum Part 1


C01: Entrepreneurial Journeys

A critical component of your education at SLP is learning from your peers. During this class, you'll give the fellows a brief overview of your entrepreneurial journey. This isn't a startup pitch - this is about why you've chosen to become an entrepreneur and where you hope the path will take you. SLP classes are customized to you and this is your chance to tell us how we can help you grow.


C02: Product Pitches

As an entrepreneur, your company is your challenge, your opportunity, and your educator. You'll tell the fellows what you've been working on - your successes and your failures, so that they and the SLP alumni network can help move you closer to your goals.


C03: Authentic Leadership

Leadership in a startup is more than a strong pitch at a competition, or even a brilliant product - it's the ability to enable your team to achieve more collectively than they could individually. This class will highlight the commonalities among successful leaders in the tech sectors as well as pitfalls to avoid.


C04: Ideation & Business Model Innovation

Ideation doesn't have to be a result of random occurrences - a series of light-bulb moments that arrive unannounced. Team dynamics, physical settings, and diversity of thought can lead to a steady stream of those "aha" moments. In this class, we'll cover how other organizations, from startups to political campaigns, have cultivated idea generation.


C05: Customer Development  - Lean Startup

You've likely heard it said that a successful product is a painkiller, not a vitamin. The process for identifying which of those categories your product falls in is critical to your company's success. In this class, we'll overview the tenants of the lean startup methodology, of developing tight feedback loops, and of team communication to increase your chances of finding product-market fit.


C06: Product Development Lifecycle

As your product(s) move from inception to your customers, it will traverse many stages along the way. Each of those stages requires different forms of talent, financing, and feedback. In this class, we'll explore each of the primary stages from the perspective of hardware and software alike.


C07: Co-founder Conflict

As entrepreneurs, you and your co-founder will immerse yourselves in an environment fraught with high risk and a perpetual lack of information. The stress of such an environment will manifest in conflict, and what you do with that conflict determines the fate of your company. In this class, we'll address how to de-escalate conflict and focus on the fundamental causes of  tension, and how to approach resolving that tension.


C08: Nuts and Bolts + Hiring + Enneagram

Your company will involve many people outside your immediate team, your suppliers, and your customers. You'll engage with accountants, lawyers, consultants, etc., and understanding how to work with them can mean the difference between a sharp focus on your main mission and a never-ending parade of distractions. We'll discuss what to look for in these partners and how to develop an efficient relationship with them to propel your team.


C09: Wild Card

Class to be determined


C10: Mentor Speed Dating

Entrepreneurship has a steep learning curve, and as such, an entrepreneur can greatly benefit from an effective mentor. In this class, we'll pair you with 2-3 SLP partners or alumni with relevant experience in your field and help you develop mentorship relationships that will help guide your business.


C11: Holiday Party

Being a founder requires emotional support. The holiday party will give you a chance to take a break from company-building and focus exclusively on your personal relationships with other fellows. At the end of the day, entrepreneurship is a bumpy road - you'll want a few friends in the car with you, along for the ride.