Curriculum Part 2


C11: Startup Metrics

Tue Jan 15, 2019

Understand why metrics are critical to every company and learn about standard measures and frameworks. You'll practice developing experiments and custom metrics at a given stage of your company and get expert perspectives on key metrics for different objectives. You'll walk away with tools to adopt standard metrics and create your own.

C12: Nuts and Bolts + Hiring + Enneagram

Sat Jan 26, 2019

Your company will involve many people outside your immediate team, your suppliers, and your customers. You'll engage with accountants, lawyers, consultants, etc., and understanding how to work with them can mean the difference between a sharp focus on your main mission and a never-ending parade of distractions. We'll discuss what to look for in these partners and how to develop an efficient relationship with them to propel your team.

C13: Press Relationship and Content Marketing

Tue Jan 29, 2019

The factors of successful startups include a product that solves a market need and a communications machine to let the world know. As part of this class, we'll discuss how to gain good press for your team, what to do when bad press hits, and how content marketing can play an effective role in building and shaping your brand.

C14: Sales Strategy

Tue Feb 12, 2019

IStartup sales isn't just about getting as much press as you can, or attending a few conferences. It's an iterative, quantitative process that can be honed over time - first, maybe by one or two individuals in your company's early days, but with time, across large teams. Learn the key metrics you should be paying attention to, and how to experiment with different sales channels.

C15: Startup Financing by stage

Tue Feb 19, 2019

Much of startup development is dominated by financing. At SLP, our focus is on helping you learn how to develop a strong product in the right market - but doing that often requires financial partners. This class highlights the key things to know at each stage of the fundraising process - from the first steps to post Series A.  

C16: Pitch Workshop and fundraising

Sat Feb 23, 2019

A key part of being a CEO is the ability to pitch - pitch your product, your team, yourself. And it's not only to investors - it's to potential hires, to strategic partners, to distributors. During this eight hour class, we'll help you hone your pitch and give you the opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of top NYC venture capitalists.

C17: Term sheet competition

Tue Mar 3, 2019

Obtaining interest from an investor if the first step in the financing process. From there, you and your financial partner will have to negotiate a series of terms on the investment, which are summarized in a term sheet. During this class, you'll learn the different types of terms you may receive from your investor by competing with your classmates to achieve the best terms in a mock investment round.

C18: Pivot or Persist

Tue Mar 19, 2019

A reality of the startup pursuit is the possibility of needing to shut down your company. But how do you know when it's time to shut down, versus time to power through a rough patch? We'll give you the tools to make this decision, and coach you on how to communicate your decision to your team and your investors

C19: VC Competition

Sat Mar 23, 2019


C20: Wild Card Class

Tue Apr 2, 201

Having been introduced to a term sheet in the previous class, you'll spend a Saturday with your fellows once again competing for the best terms, but this time, you'll do so as a representative of five real NYC startups to five real NYC venture capitalists.


To Be Determined. 

C21: Entrepreneur Journey Updates and Alumni Stories

Tue Apr 16, 2019

Our second to last class is devoted to hearing how you grew, and how your company changed, throughout the seven months we'll have been together. We'll ask what you need help with going forward, and we'll work with you to become an active member of the alumni community.

C22: Graduation

Tue Apr 23, 2019

After seven months, your time as an SLP fellow has come to a close. However, your time as an SLP alumni is just beginning. During graduation, we'll take the opportunity to recognize your achievements and induct you into the SLP alumni community